Weekly Schedule

9:00 am–Blended Worship Service

10:45 am–The Contemporary Worship Service &

Sunday school and LIFE Groups offered both hours for all ages.

6:00 am–7:00 am Men Who Pray (Room 107)

5:00 pm–Fellowship Supper (Reservations required by 5:00 pm Tuesday)
Adults $5, Children $3, family max $15
Reservations/Cancellations required by noon Tues.(If reservations are not kept there may be a charge)

6:00 pm–Church at Prayer (Room 107)

6:15 pm–Adult Studies, Child Care, AWANA(Sept-May), Youth & College

Men’s “Doctrines of the Bible” (Conference Room 219)

Adult Choir Rehearsal (Room 107)

Youth Community (Youth Building), College (College House)

9:00 am–Women’s REAL Life Seminars(Sept 11-May)