6 Questions to ask while reading the Word
Is there a sin to forsake?
Is there a command to obey?
Is there an example to follow?
Is there a new truth about Jesus?
Is there a promise to claim?
Is there an error to avoid?

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November 2014
11-02-14–Lessons from a Pregnancy
11-09-2014 – 9:00 am service guest pastor Dr. David Garrison & 10:45 am service guest pastor Alan Briggs (available on LiveStream only)
11-16-14–Prayer Force Air Force
11-23-14–How to be a Nike Christian (with apologies to Adidas)
11-30-14Our GoalGod’s Glory
December 2014
12-07-14–Your Sanctification-Answering Jesus’ Prayer
12-14-14–Jesus Prays for First Baptist Church Black Forest
12-21-14–The Cradle and the Cross
12-28-2014–Pastor Lance McDowell (sermon available on LiveStream only)
January 2015
01-04-15–How Jesus Brings Us Along
1-11-2015 –Pastor Matt Crowe (sermon available on LiveStream only)
01-18-15–God’s Health Care Plan for His Church
1-25-2015–Guests Dale & Jena Forehand (marriage conference)
February 2015
02-01-15–Blessed to Bless
02-08-15–Obedience Brings Blessing
2-15-2015–Pastor Lance McDowell (sermon available on LiveStream only)
02-22-15–Who Me
March 2015
3-1-2015–Bill Gandy (sermon available on LiveStream only)
03-08-15 Why I
03-15-15–What Have You Done For Me Lately
03-22-15–Have You Claimed Your Inheritance
03-29-15–God’s Redemption Center
April 2015
04-05-15–But God
04-12-15–Seeing With Spiritual Eyes
04-19-15–Developing a Biblical Worldview
04-22-15–Tearing Down and Building Up
May 2015
05-03-15–In the Midst of a Mystery
05-10-15–Extreme Makover–Home Edition
05-17-15–Conquering Your Inner Space
05-24-15–God is Able
05-31-15–The Glory of God in the Church
06-07-15–Unity In The Church
06-14-15–God’s Gift to the Church
06-21-15–Extreme Makover Home Edition–Part 2
06-28-15–Church Body Building Blocks of Unity
07-05-2015 – Pastor Matt Morton (sermon available on LiveStream only)
07-12-2015 – Pastor Matt Crowe (sermon available on LiveStream only)
07-19-2015 – Pastor Matt Crowe (sermon available on LiveStream only)
07-26-2015 – Pastor Matt Crowe (sermon available on LiveStream only)