LIFE Groups

Our LIFE Groups meet at 9:00 am & 10:45 am.  You are welcome to visit as many as you would like to find your perfect fit.

9:00 am LIFE Groups

Nearly & Newly-Patrick Hall (couples to be married within 1 year or married less than 2 years) College House

MOBILITY—Jim Rogers (Singles & Young Couples) Room 218

FISH—Jeff Joles (all ages) Room 216

KAIROS—Brian Little (Mostly 45-60) Room 109

SEMPER FI—Mark Lindt (Mostly 40-50) Room 210

WOMEN—Tina Pearce (Intergenerational) Room 219

MUnCH—Randy Tedrow (all ages) Room 107

One Another—Mike Molsen (Couples all ages) Room 214

10:45 am LIFE Groups

HOMEBUILDERS—Ben pierce (mostly young families) Meeting in the College House

Grace Applied—Dave Creech (all ages) Room 107

ASCENT—Rick Hedgpeth (Mostly Empty Nesters) Room 210

Unshackled for life—Bruce Bruinsma (mostly 55-70) Room 109

SAINTS & SINNERS—James Teeples (mostly 65-75) Room 214

SENIOR ADULTS—Paul Nelson (mostly retired) Room 216