LIFE Groups

Our LIFE Groups meet at 9:00 am & 10:45 am.  You are welcome to visit as many as you would like to find your perfect fit.

9:00 am LIFE Groups

MOBILITY—Ace Lashley (Singles & Young Couples) Room 218

FISH—Jeff Joles (all ages) Room 216

KAIROS—Brian Little (Mostly 45-60) Room 109

SEMPER FI—Steve Tanksley (Mostly 40-50) Room 210

WOMEN—Tina Pearce (Intergenerational) Room 219

SALTY—Randy Tedrow (all ages) Room 107

One Another—Mike Molsen (Young Adults) Room 214

10:45 am LIFE Groups

HOMEBUILDERS—Ben pierce (mostly young families) Meeting in the College House

SALTY Too—Kerri Bahnemann – coordinator (all ages) Room 107

ASCENT—Rick Hedgpeth (Mostly Empty Nesters) Room 210

KINGDOM BUILDERS—Bob Trautman (all ages) Room 219

Unshackled for life—Bruce Bruinsma (mostly 55-70) Room 109

SAINTS & SINNERS—James Teeples (mostly 65-75) Room 214

SENIOR ADULTS—Paul Nelson (mostly retired) Room 216

It Will Cost Everything—Justin Brown (all ages) Youth building Room 202